Thursday, September 14, 2006


Got back from Italy last night, and will be in Warsaw until tomorrow morning, then back to Sopot for the weekend. Beautiful weather and beautiful people, both here and there. I wish brought home more Italian food, but I kept putting it off, didn't have time, and nonetheless barely made my flight home from Bologna. Luckily Italians have as much respect for schedules as I do. But still, no parmigiano reggiano or Veneto wines. I'll post more when i'm not working from a wireless connection. And Happy Birthday Immanuel and Stefan!


Blogger Joasia said...

Last chance for stuff from Poland- Dorota i Mama- want anything? I'm leaving the honey- it's too big and heavy. (small is better than big). Is there someone i should visit before I leave?

5:46 AM  
Blogger dorota said...

mom said she wants seboravit, and maja f. had a request as will tell you about that. Tell Stefan and Majka Happy Birthday from me and kisses.

10:43 AM  
Blogger Joasia said...

turns out i'm coming home monday, not tuesday. bought 'radical' instead of seboravit- aptekas are closed on the weekend. tried to get a quick appointment for a cut and colour at adara salon tomorrow (thought i had monday), but it's all booked up :(. if no one cancels tommorrow, going to try that dorota salon at klif. is 170 zlots a lot for a cut colour and style, or is it just me?

4:41 PM  

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